ATTENTION: Muslim brothers & sisters who are serious about reciting the words of Allah in the Quran fluently.

“What If There Was An Easy & Proven System For You To Learn How To Recite The Quran Fluently… In Just 14 Hours?

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Assalamualaikum fellow brothers and sisters,

I know the above claim might seem very shocking seeing as to how you might have been trying to read the Quran fluently for a few years now and still have failed to do so.

Or perhaps, you might be someone who has had a few Quran reading classes when you were younger, in the form of Iqra’ or Qiraati and it has been years since those classes and you still haven’t been able to read the Quran fluently.

Or perhaps, you might be a complete beginner who doesn’t even know the proper pronunciations of the Arabic letters right now, so it’s hard to imagine reciting the Quran in just 14 hours…

But what if I told you that I’ve helped hundreds of our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters just like you start their journeys towards reciting the Quran fluently, Alhamdulillah over the last 26 years in Malaysia and Singapore.

But first, let’s address your burning question.

Most people who hear about will ask if it’s true that this system takes 24 hours and if it means that they will learn everything in one sitting and will be able to read the Quran fluently tomorrow?

My answer is yes and no.

Yes, this system used to take 24 hours but now I have refined it down to just 14 hours. But no you don’t do it in one sitting because if you do, you’ll most probably be too exhausted to be able to read the Quran 14 hours later.

Jokes aside, this is a program based on my system that will allow you to start reciting the Quran fluently in just a matter of 14 hours, broken up into 8 sessions over only 2 months.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I have a question for you…

“Are You Frustrated That You Have To Stammer & Stumble Countlessly Just To Read ONE Verse of The Quran… And As A Result Don’t Taste The Sweetness That Comes With Reciting The Words of Allah?”

If you’re feeling this way, I completely understand how you feel because most of the students who came to me had the exact same problem.

And I will share with you a hadith that might put your heart at ease a little bit:

"Verily the one who recites the Qur'an beautifully, smoothly, and precisely, he will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels. And as for the one who recites with difficulty, stammering or stumbling through its verses, then he will have TWICE that reward." (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

MashaAllah, how Merciful Allah is to provide such a reward for those of us who are putting in the effort.

Now that you’re there, let’s not stop.

Remember why you started and why you wanted to be able to recite the Quran fluently again.

If you’re like most of my students, your primary motivation is to be closer to Allah, feel closer to Him and taste the sweetness of reciting the Quran by cleansing your heart of its diseases through His words, that has been sent down as a guidance for Mankind.

As Allah mentioned in Al-Quran:

And We send down of the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe… (Quran, Surah Al-Israa, 17:82)

So, let’s persevere with patience and continue the journey that Allah has inclined our hearts towards, shall we?

“What If You Could Finally Overcome All Your Recitation Problems & Start Reciting The Quran With Just A Small Commitment of 8 Weeks?”

One of the problems I noticed when I started running Quranic recitation programs for Singaporean adults is commitment issues.

Singapore is a fast-paced society and everyone is burdened with commitments like work and family.

I used to try to convince people to commit 6 to 12 months of their time towards Allah’s cause by learning to recite the Quran but let’s face it, it’s a losing battle when one has many priorities.

So I asked myself if it’s really possible to help students who are very busy to start fluently reciting the Quran in just 14 hours.

I sat down, looked through my notes and finally have developed the program.

Over the last 26 years having taught hundreds of students, I now know what their common mistakes and misconceptions are.

So what I’ve done is to tailor-make a brand new program that teaches the fundamental aspects to start fluently reading the Quran… in just 14 hours!

“Who Else Wants To Learn How To Fluently Recite In Just 8 Lessons?”

The fact is that most students continue to struggle because they keep practising the wrong basics.

So you might have been practising a lot for the past few years and still not be able to recite the Quran fluently because you have been unaware that you have been doing what I call “poor practice.”

The more you practise, the more you are enforcing poor habits that will not lead you to the right and fluent recitation of Al-Quran.

My system revolves around a complete overhaul of your skills. Which means that we will be starting everything from scratch.

In this program, I will focus on three important aspects:

1) Proper pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet

2) Correct recitation of Arabic vowels

3) Fundamental Tajweed (Rules of Recitation)

This way, you get to clean up everything and set yourself up for a smooth transition to a fluent quranic recitation.

“Introducing Our Brand New Program: Learn to Recite the Quran in 2 Months!”

This is a comprehensive 16-hour Quranic recitation program designed specifically for busy and over-committed Singaporean Muslim brothers and sisters who want to be able to recite the Quran in just 2 short months and can commit just 1 hour 45 minutes per week in this pursuit towards getting closer to Allah.

Timeslots Available: (Hari & Masa Kelas)


1. 10 30am - 12 15pm (Only on Tuesday & Friday)
2. 2 00pm - 3 45pm
3. 6 00pm - 7 45pm
4. 8 00pm - 9 45pm (Not available on Friday)

Saturday (Sabtu)

1. 9 30am - 10 45am
2. 11 00am - 12 45pm
3. 1 30pm - 3 15pm
4. 3 30pm - 5 15pm

Venue: (Alamat)

16 Jalan Masjid,
Kembangan Suites #01-07
Singapore (418941)

Language: (Bahasa)
Classes will be conducted in Malay.

Program Duration: (Tempoh Masa)
7 January 2019 - 25 February 2019

Classes are held once a week, 1 hour 45 minutes per class.
(Kelas selama 1 jam 45 minit dikendalikan seminggu sekali.)

Investment: (Pelaburan)

Now Only $290!

Material Fee: $10

Note: We need a minimum of 10 students to form a class. Maximum class size is 16 students. Typical time taken to form a class is about 4 to 5 weeks, InshaAllah.

(Perhatian: Kami memerlukan sekurang-kurangya 10 murid untuk memulakan kelas dan maksimum 16 murid. Selalunya, kami memerlukan 4 hingga 5 minggu untuk memulakan kelas, InshaAllah)

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“Here's What Some People Have To Say About The Program!”

“It Has Really Helped Me
To Read Quran Smoothly..."

“Assalamualaikum, my name is Insyirah. Before I joined this program I used to have an Ustazah to teach me back in younger days but I still stumbled whenever I attempted to read on my own. So when I came across this class from Facebook, I was very interested with the outcome that they promised and throughout the journey in this program, I was never disappointed. So the knowledge, strategy and skills and the confidence that Ustaz Abla gave was very amazing. So, Alhamdulillah with the program, it has really helped me to read Quran smoothly and so once more, I would like to take this opportunity to thank 24HourQuran program for giving me the chance to learn the sweetness of Al-Quran. Thank you.”

Nur Insyirah Osman
24HourQuran Graduate

“My Heart Has Been
Rather Tranquil Ever Since..."

"Assalamualaikum everyone. I was searching high and low for classes that taught you how to revise, remember and read the Qur’an quick. I have been to many classes as well as self learn but personally I feel that I wasn’t progressing fast enough. I’ve stumbled upon the program and decided to give it a shot. Alhamdulillah, the program was designed in a way that helped me learn and relearn everything quickly. Syukur I can recite the Qur’an rather quickly and smoothly. I’ve been reciting ever since and my heart has been rather tranquil ever since. Alhamdulillah. I highly recommend this program to anyone and everyone who wants to improve their Qur’an recitation. I especially like the selected notes Ustaz gives out to make learning easier and faster."

Zafizuddin Bin Zainuddin
24HourQuran Graduate

“I Can Recite Better Now, From Previously I Don't Even Recognise The Words."

“It Was The Best Decision I Made In 2017."

"I have always wanted to relearn my reading of the Al-Quran. When I came across the 24HourQuran Program in Facebook, it rekindled the interest. I signed up on the spot and it was the best decision I made in 2017. Ustaz' pedagogy in delivering the lessons to suit the learners was good and his lessons were engaging. Time passed very quickly and how I wish we could have longer duration per session. We went back to basics and most of my queries on the pronunciation, signs and symbols were answered after a few lessons. I am happy with my progress and I strongly recommend anyone with/without basics in reading the Al-Quran to go through it. Insya Allah, we will be more at peace with ourselves and have greater appreciation of the Al-Quran when we could read it well."

Alauddin (Tampines)
24HourQuran Graduate

“Introducing: Ustaz Mohamed Abla, 24 Hour Quran Ustaz Who Has Helped Hundreds of Students Recite The Quran Fluently!”

Ustaz Mohamed Abla was born in Morocco and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Islamic Law) from Hassan II Mohammedia University in Morocco.

Thereafter, he spent 9 years in Pusat Ulumuddin in Kedah, Malaysia as an Arabic Language teacher and held a post as a Vice-Principal there.

Currently a Singapore citizen, Ustaz Mohamed Abla is an ARS (Asatizah Recognition Scheme) certified teacher and his deep passion in teaching has seen him serving as an Ustaz and Masjid Darul Makmur and Masjid En-Naeem. He has also served as an Ustaz for youth programmes Masjid Al-Muttaqin and as a teacher for Arabic programmes at Masjid Rahimah Bee. At the same time he has actively been conducting Quranic and Islamic-related courses in both private education centres and home-based learning.

Besides speaking his native language, Arabic, Ustaz Mohamed Abla is also able to converse in English and Malay language which allows him to effectively deliver his lessons to students from different language backgrounds.

“Register Now and Enjoy A Massive 65% Discount Off This Exclusive Program!”

The truth is that I can’t take many students as I’ll be conducting this program myself. I can only take 8 to 16 students at a time. 

This will ensure that your child gets more attention if need be.

So, this program will be exclusive only to a small group who will get my personal handholding and specialised attention.

I will coach you personally to make sure that you get what you need for a fluent Quranic recitation.

So you might be wondering, what’s the investment for this 16-Hour Quran program? I’ll be honest with you. This program is affordable but it isn’t cheap.

My personal coaching fees are $50/hour. If you multiply that by 14 hours of the program, that makes it $700.

However, you’re not going to pay anywhere near that. If you enroll now, you will get a massive 57% discount and you’ll only pay $300.

This is a one-time fee for a course that will greatly help you in your life in the hereafter and could really have a transformational impact on your life.

Imagine the all the rewards you will be amassing for the Hereafter:

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah, he will have a reward. And that reward will be multiplied by ten. I am not saying that "Alif, Laam, Meem" is a letter, rather I am saying that "Alif" is a letter, "laam" is a letter and "meem" is a letter."


You will also be investing in your Akhirat as The Quran could be an intercessor for you in the Hereafter:

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "The Qur'an is an intercessor, something given permission to intercede, and it is rightfully believed in. Whoever puts it in front of him, it will lead him to Paradise; whoever puts it behind him, it will steer him to the Hellfire."


That’s not all.

To make sure that you have no excuse to fail, if you'd like to review the classes at any point in time, now you can with the 24HourQuran Online program!

“SPECIAL OFFER: Get A Lifetime Membership To The 24HourQuran Online Program For Only $50!”

From experience, I’ve noticed that some students can get pretty lost when practising at home by themselves even after they’ve learnt the lessons in class.

So, we’ve decided to record a special Home Study Edition called 24HourQuran Online so that you reinforce what you've learnt and slowly go through the parts you didn’t quite understand.

You'll get a lifetime membership which means that you can go through the home study program as many times as you like from your personal computer, laptop, handphone or tablet without having to pay a single cent more.

This home study program alone is worth $250 but for anyone who signs up for this program, it’s available to you at only $50.

“My Personal Guarantee: By The End of This Program, You Would Have Taken The First Step Towards Reciting The Quran Fluently & Beautifully!”

Yes you read that right. By the end of this program, you would have taken the first step towards reciting the Quran fluently and beautifully. Yes, fluently and beautifully … and not stop stumbling and stammering.

You would now be able to break and cross that “fluency” barrier thanks to your new-found abilities.

If you follow my system religiously, you will no longer make the mistakes you used to make. In fact, you’ll spot the common mistakes in recitation even before you reach that part.

Inevitably, you will no longer have the frustration and stress that comes from trying to recite the Quran anymore and you will begin to enjoy it and taste its sweetness.

You command of the various rules would be so strong that you would have taken the first step towards reciting the Quran fluently & beautifully!

Are You Ready To Connect With The Quran? Invest In Your Akhirat Now And Start Tasting The Sweetness of the Quran and Experiencing Its Spiritual Cleansing...”

If you’re serious about your Deen and getting closer to Allah, this is the best investment of time, money and energy you’ll make in this worldly life to start yourself on this lifetime journey.

Sign up below now and start reciting the Quran fluently in just 14 hours.

We only have 16 seats for this program and open registration for the classes only 2 – 3 times per year.

Go ahead and fill in the registration form below before the classes are full!

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Program Value of 14 Hours of Coaching: $700
(But We Have A Special Offer That Saves You 57%!)

$420 $300
(Works out to only $150/month)

(Registrations Close On 5 January 2019!)


Only 8 Live Classes Over 2 Months

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